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Principles of Transformations

1. I am 100% accountable for everything in my life. My life is one that you have created both consciously and unconsciously. It represents my conscious actions, passions, desires, and interests.

2. I know I am unique and honor my rarity. "I am aware of my needs and wants at all levels. I am aware of what nurtures me physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. I acknowledge all of my gifts, strengths, and weaknesses. The kingdom of God comes from within and I know "a life unexamined is not worth living." I judge not others for what they say and do.

3. I spiritually forgive myself and others. I practice the art of art of letting go. I let go of the so-called negative emotions of hate, envy, jealousy, resentment, guilt, and anger.

4. I think realistically and optimistically. I know that sometimes positive thinking (affirmations) can be a form of denial (BS). I confront negative and painful issues head on, knowing that all experiences are for my good and learning.

5. I see and experience others as spiritually unique beings who will teach me. I acknowledge/complement them for their contribution to my life experience.

6. I practice the art of intimacy. I create an intimate, loving relationship that honors my spiritual uniqueness which motivates me to my highest state of spirituality. I recognize that I am vulnerable and honor it. I am loved and I fully love all manner of men, women, children, race, and cultures.

7. I practice the art of being and doing good without seeking recognition—never telling others (unconditional love and acceptance).

8. I am part of a community or group that supports me in spiritual growth. I contribute my time, talents, and financial resources to this community and the world. My life's work is meaningful and purposeful. My work is more than a job—it is the opportunity to serve others.

9. I practice the art of nutritional living. I Feed and exercise my body, my mind and my heart/spirit. I acknowledge the holistic approach to wellness. I am what I eat, study, drink, and how I exercise; thus I do so consciously.

10. I view life with a sense of humor—I laugh at myself and others in a way that is refreshing and uplifting to all. I see the absurdity of life's political, religious, social, and cultural rules. Every moment in the journey I practice the art of laughter.

11. I honor my dependence on the environment for my well-being. I respect my relationship with all living things on this planet. All life in every form is sacred!

12. I am spiritual. I have spiritual principles that I honor with my relationship with God and the universe. I have a place where I practice my spiritual rituals regularly, whether it be church, temple, synagogue, mosque, home, or on a mountain top.

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“Transformation & Healing”

No one in today's world would dispute the need for the healing of relationships. There is conflict in our relationships, our families, business relationships, our communities, and our countries. The world is war-torn; there is hunger, famine, disaster, and disease; and political turmoil that threatens to destroy all of humanity. On a smaller scale families are being torn apart by conflict, divorce, and disharmony. Individuals are finding it difficult to feel secure in our neighborhoods and homes. There is a better way!

Many are asking the questions like:

    What is the meaning/purpose of life and how can I have successful relationships?
    • Does my life matter?
    • How can I heal the pain that occurs in my relationship and home?
    • What kind of skills do families, friends, and colleagues need who are being impacted by the shattering of relationships by divorce, death, desertion, tension, and violence?
    • What can we do when facing the loss of life because of illness, job loss, or relationship loss?

Coaches know that all healing begins with the heart; conversely all suffering comes from the mind and is felt in the body. Coaching is designed to provide a safe space for the individual to find guidance in the journey of the healing process by empowering the soul to action and being accountability for choices, awareness of self, environment, community and the world.

All of the great religious traditions indicate that pain and suffering comes from ignorance. Christian tradition states—"the truth shall set us free." The human body will experience pain. Coaching explores possibilities of how to calm the troubled mind, care for the body, and have peace of heart.

There are no limitations of the spirit, spiritual experience, and growth. Living a conscious life truly transforms the heart into accountable living. Peace occurs when there is harmony between mind, body, and spirit. Healing occurs when we quiet the troubled mind, and have health of body and peace of heart.

We experience conscious accountable living when we "know" the truth. Knowledge means not just an intellectual understanding but an experiential understanding that is confirmed by our spirit within.

Coaching provides a place for people to have an "experience" of healing and transformation of heart and empowerment of spiritual.

Coaches are people who themselves are on a journey of healing. Coaches create conversation or questions to explore the mind and the heart in a way that touches the spirit—empowering the light of change. Coaches have experienced the "dark night of the soul" where everything is questioned. They have suffered because of their mistakes as well as those of others. The pains they have felt has caused them to seek answers—a path that would restore joy to their heart. While the journey is alone—there will be fellow travelers who have walked this path.

Coaching is not medical and/or psychiatric. The philosophies that guide and direct a coach are spiritual rather than medical, healing rather than curing. The work there may be therapeutic. It is one of action; progressive rather than defensive, proactive rather than reactive. The intent of coaching is to assist people to create the kind of lives they desire to live. A coach will help people develop the attitudes, skills, and resources they need to create the life they desire to live.